CES-NS Meets the Canadian Chapter of Public Participation Practitioners (IAP2- Atlantic)

The CES-NS were guests of the Atlantic Canadian Chapter of Public Participation Practitioners (IAP2- Atlantic) last night at a networking event held here in Halifax.

We all chatted and got to know one another a bit socially before Rob Chatwin (President) and Nancy Carter (Vice President) facilitated a discussion on using evaluation methodologies to improve public engagement processes.  It was a nice setting where members shared experiences, discovering common interests and great potential for mutual benefit and the advancement of both fields.

Stay tuned to the CES web page for more joint CES-NS and IAP2 events in the future – especially those members who undertake a significant amount of public/stakeholder consultation as a regular part of your evaluations. We have a lot to learn from one another!

If you’d like to know more about the IAP2 you can visit the website here.  You can also find and join the group through Linkedin here .

-Peter MacLeod (CES-NS Treasurer)

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