CES 2015 Conference: Have we solved the question of evaluation results?

At the CES 2015 conference in Montreal (May 25-27), chapter member Andrealisa Belzer has been asked to join a French-language panel, to offer a Nova Scotian perspective on the question, “Avons-nous réglé la question de l ‘utilisation des résultats de l’ évaluation?” (Have we solved the question of  evaluation results?).

Panelists will be asked to discuss major evaluation-use advances in the past decade, and to identify of residual challenges to the mobilisation of evaluation results to improve policies and programming (in government, private sector, or academia).

What advances and challenges have you experienced, with the “use” component of your evaluation practice?

Please post your comments here, or email them to [email protected] !

Update #1

The co-panelists have been announced.  They are: Francois Dumaine, Anne Routhier, Olivier Sossa, Courtney Amo, and Andrealisa Belzer.

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