NEW Membership Discount for employees of First Nations and other not-for-profit organisations! Spread the word!

Do you have friends and colleagues who need affordable access to professional development in evaluation?     In January, CES announced new membership discount for  employees of not-for-profit organizations.  https://evaluationcanada.ca/news/7432


This is one way that CES is working to increase diversity and inclusion in our professional community, in alignment with our commitment to incorporating reconciliation into our values, principles and practices.  https://evaluationcanada.ca/news/6348


The discounted membership fee of $100 is now available to anyone who identifies as an employee of a First Nation or other community-based not-for-profit organization.  This fee will quickly be offset by membership benefits such as deep discounts on all training offered by CES-Nova Scotia.


For example, CES members get $120 off the registration fee for the April 3rd and 4th Data Visualisation Training with John Burrett.  By joining CES as a not-for-profit employee before registering for this training,  you would actually SAVE $20 and still get a full year of additional membership benefits! https://evaluationcanada.ca/why-become-member



Please contact Andrealisa Belzer at  [email protected] or 902 402 7164  with questions.



PS:  For more on reconciliation, check out this resource list from Cari Patterson and Horizons Community Development Associates!   http://horizonscda.ca/pdf/trresource.pdf


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