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Expression of Interest Research and Evaluation Lead for “Between the Bridges”

Title: Between the Bridges – Research and Evaluation Lead

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Position Status: Contract

Hours and Compensation: For Discussion

Starting Date: July 2017



The community of Dartmouth North (with a population of approximately 12,000 located between the MacKay and Macdonald Bridges of Halifax Regional Municipality), United Way Halifax, the Province of Nova Scotia, plus a growing number of residents, community based organizations, departments of government and businesses are Working Together to Break the Cycle; a cycle of root causes that contribute to poverty and have limited the potential and possibilities for many generations. This initiative has been fondly named Between the Bridges by residents and community organizations to reflect the geographic area in which this work is being focused. Between the Bridges is using a Collective Impact approach to tackle complex social issues that cannot be resolved by any group or sector alone.


Between the Bridges is part of a larger provincial initiative called Inspiring Communities that is providing a variety of supports to address population issues in communities across Nova Scotia.


Tasks and Responsibilities:


Between the Bridges is looking to contract a Research and Evaluation Lead (the Lead) that would be responsible for the overall collection, analysis and reporting on both quantitative and qualitative measures that indicate progress for Between the Bridges. The work would be carried out within the Inspiring Communities Evaluation Framework and with a strong focus on Developmental Evaluation. A preliminary deliverable for the Lead is to prepare Portfolios* for each of the four areas currently identified as priorities for Breaking the Cycle. These priorities include:

  • Housing: a focus on affordable quality housing;
  • Student success: a focus on safe and caring classrooms, high standards and graduation;
  • Access to professional care: a focus on increasing access to health services in Dartmouth North; and
  • Community fabric: focus on community pride, safe neighbourhood and social inclusion.


These Portfolios* would include presentation of quantitative data (baseline and updated with 2016 census), literature review, collation of related Collective Impact case studies, qualitative data and narrative. The intended audiences for the Portfolios are the collective tables that are currently being organized in order that they may begin their work with an evidence based context.



This contract reports to the Between the Bridges Project Leader however also works closely with the Inspiring Communities Researcher and Evaluator and the United Way Evaluation Specialist. The Lead will be embedded with the Between the Bridges governance structures (currently in development) including the Strategic Roundtable, Residents Roundtable and the A-lignment Teams organized around the priority areas. The Lead will also be responsible to identify and then work with other community, government and academic partners who are needed for the collection and sharing data.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Ensures the developed indicators and tools are in place to track progress and results;
  • Generates purposeful and systematic collection of information to track progress towards targets;
  • Promotes the analysis of research and evaluation to better understand community issues;
  • Merges the worlds of data collection and storytelling to highlight key findings and celebrate the accomplishments of the collective work.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Post Secondary education in a related field such as Economics, Sociology, Health Sciences, Applied Social Sciences, or Business;
  • Significant experience with basic quantitative statistical analyses;
  • Strong skills in analysis and reporting evaluation, and research including literature and case study reviews;
  • Understanding of social policy, government, business and community approaches;
  • Demonstrated experience in a community research and evaluation role;
  • Energetic and critical thinker; innovative and pragmatic problem-solver;
  • Empathetic and trustworthy with confidential information;
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative;
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective relationships; and,
  • Ability to adapt and manage an emerging agenda, changing deadlines and priorities.

Hours of Work

This work is emerging and evolving at all times, with some known timelines and others that will require the insight and knowledge of the Lead. This requires a degree of flexibility, however with an understanding that hours of work would be mapped out monthly for mutual planning purposes. This opportunity would be ideal for an experience retired person, PHD student, or consultancy that is interested in the exciting and challenging work with cross sectoral emergent processes that are focused on long term impact for critical social change.

Please provide an Expression of Interest (maximum 6 pages) including the following Information:

  1. Cover Letter Expressing Interest and Intention
  2. Name and Contact Information
  3. Bio that Presents Education and Experience Aligned to Requirements of Skills and Education
  4. Requirements Related to Compensation

Please forward your Expression of Interest, in confidence, to Bette Watson-Borg, Project Leader, Between the Bridges [email protected] by 5 pm June 16, 2017.

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