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Feb 24: CES Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation, Social Equity and Environmental Sustainability: Milestones and Interconnectivity & CESNS Bylaw Presentation and Vote (Two-Part Session)

CES Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation, Social Equity and Environmental Sustainability: Milestones and Interconnectivity

Since the spring of 2020, The Maritime Chapters of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) have collaboratively hosted free online professional development aligned with topics that our local Chapter members had prioritized on a 2019 survey. A common thread among these sessions has been to strengthen the use of evaluation as a tool to improve social and environmental wellbeing. 

On February 24, 12 – 1 pm (AST), Andrealisa Belzer will offer an overview of CES commitments and milestones in three areas of crosscutting relevance to Canadian evaluators: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Truth and Reconciliation; and Sustainability. Drawing on a range of examples and literature, Andrealisa will invite participants to explore intersections among these commitments in their own practice, and to identify potential next steps for Maritime Chapters. This informal, interactive session is intended to generate awareness, solidarity, and enthusiasm in the face of social and ecological crises.

Presenter bio: CES Nova Scotia Chapter President Andrealisa Belzer is a Credentialed Evaluator employed with the Atlantic Region of Indigenous Services Canada. Andrealisa has practiced health and social services evaluation since 1995, in Canada and internationally. She has co-chaired National CES Working Groups on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDI); as well as for Sustainability, and has volunteered with CES annual conferences to operationalize these values. She participates in the UNEvalIndigenous Network and the Blue Marble Evaluation Network. She is committed to evaluative processes and products that enhance collective consciousness, facilitate decolonization, and enable adaptive management for mutual benefit across human and natural systems.

This session is open to everyone – CES members and non-members – free of charge.

CESNS Bylaw Presentation and Vote

Following the presentation by Andrealisa, CESNS members will be encouraged to stick around from 1 – 1:30 pm (AST) as Dorian Watts (CESNS Vice President) will present the proposed revisions to the CESNS By-laws and hold a CESNS members only vote to approve the revised bylaws. The revisions that will be outlined are the same that were shared with members in the fall of 2020.

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