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CES-NB: Panel on Governmental Evaluation Policy

Our friends at CES New Brunswick are hosting an inter-jurisdictional panel on governmental evaluation policy. This event will be held on December 17 from 12-2 pm (AST).

Description from the event page: Evaluators know that program evaluation can contribute to good governance, informed decision making and program adjustments in support of effective action. The corporate culture and environment in which evaluation thrives or withers is contingent upon a number of things; one would be dedicated support to evaluation, while another would be policy or directives to sustain, clarify and entrench program evaluation. Across governments in Canada, while the federal level has a strong commitment, the provincial governments are not as organized (at least from a centralized body). We are introducing practitioners who have had a hand in enhancing their evaluation activities through good leadership and evaluation policies/directives.

For more info and to register, visit:

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