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Two webinars on the new 5th edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation

With the 5th edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation recently released, two upcoming webinars will cover the new edition. Hosted by U-FE and Western Michigan University, these webinars will feature co-authors Michael Quinn Patton and Charmagne Campbell-Patton.

Monthly U-FE Webinar: This first webinar will provide an overall framing of Utilization-Focused Evaluation, introduce the 5 MIN SPECS of U-FE and draw connections between U-FE and Blue Marble Evaluation.
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Eval Cafe: New and Emergent Directions in Utilization-Focused Evaluation:  A new co-authored 5th edition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) has just been published. This new edition for the first time presents principles of U-FE that connect theory with practice, questions with methods, and findings with follow through actions. The evaluation profession has adopted a commitment to equity and sustainability.  We join that commitment. This new edition presents the role of U-FE in addressing issues of equity and sustainability in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and the global social justice uprising.  As evaluators, we have a stake in having our evaluations used – and we have a stake in a more equitable and sustainable world. The implications for U-FE are substantial, dramatic, and controversial. This session will discuss these issues in both professional and personal terms.  
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