Consultant Directory

If you are a consultant, who is a  member of the Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society, you are invited to submit your name and contact information for display on this website. Please contact us to add your profile. The Board for the Nova Scotia chapter is providing this information for informational purposes only, and does not endorse the services of the consultants listed below.

Rob Assels, CE
R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.
[email protected]

P:(877) 782-4816   Mobile: (877) 713-5146


Sarah Bowen, PhD
[email protected]
P:(902) 681-7310


Scott Christian
Insight Consulting & Evaluation
Liverpool, NS


Jenn Dixon, MSc, CE
[email protected]
(902) 292-6725


Anne Gillies, CE
Gillies Consulting
[email protected]
P:(902) 477-3814   Mobile: (819) 328-3705


Lisa Jacobs, MSW, RSW, CE
Contact Consulting
[email protected]
P: (902) 237-6718


Craig Moore
P:(306) 203 -3766                                                                                                 



Donalee Moulton
Quantum Communications
[email protected]
P:(902) 443-9600   Fax: (902) 445-4364


Joanna Nemis-White, BSc, PMP
Principal, Strive Health
Cell: (902) 789-5605
[email protected]


Karen Pyra, MPA, CE

Pyra Management Consulting Services Inc.
[email protected]

P: (902) 633-2929   Mobile: (902) 499-1980


Cari Patterson, MA, CE
Horizons Community Development Associates Inc.
[email protected]
P:(902) 582-7940   Fax: (902) 582-1423                                                       



Kevin Randall, CD, MPA, CIPP/C

GFRC Research Services

[email protected]                                                                                                                     

P:(902) 880-1290


Lianne Sarson
MQO Research
[email protected]


Pamela M. Yates, Ph.D., CE
Cabot Consulting and Research Services

Email: [email protected]