CES Conference 2017 Theme Blog

CES British Colombia Yukon (CESBCY) is looking forward to hosting the national CES conference next year. They have created a blog in an effort to crease a lively space for discussion about the theme leading up to the conference- Facing Forward: Innovation, Action and Reflection.

Detail about the theme and the blog can be found here: http://c2017.evaluationcanada.ca/ if you are interested in sharing your thoughts. A formal launch of the theme will take place in September and they are hoping to feature reflections, comments and discussion items from across the country in the launch.

For your comments to be considered for being featured in the launch, the deadline is September 9th, however, you are able to provide feedback and comments on the theme up until April 2017.

New Federal Policy on Evaluation

A new federal Policy on Results, which replaces the Policy on Evaluation, is now available on-line.

Importantly for those professionals interested in pursuing or maintaining the Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation is a paragraph in the new Directive on Results (4.4.12) that states that “Heads of evaluation designated under subsection 4.3.12 of the policy are responsible for the following: […] ensuring that departmental evaluators have opportunities to develop their competencies and to earn evaluation-related designations or certifications from recognized professional associations and certifying bodies”.

As the CES-Nova Scotia Chapter has opportunities available for professional development this new policy should have a positive impact for us. We look forward to providing these opportunities for our members and professionals, and to the impact of this new policy for Nova Scotia.

CES Nova Scotia now on Twitter

The Canadian Evaluation Society Nova Scotia Chapter is now on Twitter (@cesnovascotia)!

Please be sure to follow us and tweet us about important topics for you in Nova Scotia as they relate to evaluation.

We will also be reaching out to those of you listed on our consultant directory to ensure information is up to date, and the newly elected chapter executives for 2016-2017 will be planning over the summer for ways to develop our chapter as we move forward. The executives are always happy to hear from members, or those interested in evaluation in the province, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

Professional Development Opportunity: Drawing on Complexity to do Hands-on Evaluation

“Complexity” is a rapidly expanding frontier in evaluation. This expansion results from dissatisfaction with the ability of programs to improve the social condition, and with the limitations of our program theories and methodologies to predict or explain program behavior.

But what does “complexity” offer to those of us who design evaluations, interpret data, and try to help stakeholders? What can we apply instrumentally? What can we apply metaphorically?

Workshop process:
■ Lectures
■ Group exercises
■ 1:1 consultation

■ Definitions of complexity
■ Explanation and causation
■ Implications for stakeholders
■ Intellectual roots of complexity
■ Common myths about complexity
■ Incremental and phase shift change
■ Program success in terms of Impact
distribution and scaling
■ Consequences for program theory,
methodology, and measurement

Jonathan A. Morell PhD (Jonny) has extensive experience in a wide range of evaluation settings. He believes that evaluation should respect the complexity of programs and outcomes, but that evaluations should be as simple and straightforward as possible. His views are set out in his book: Evaluation in the Face of Uncertainty: Anticipating Surprise and Responding to the Inevitable, in his other publications, and in his blog www.evaluationuncertainty.com. Jonny is Director of Evaluation at Syntek Technologies, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Evaluation and Program Planning, and a Principal at 4.669 Evaluation and Planning, LLC. His professional history is at www.jamorell.com.

DATE: Friday, June 3rd 2016
TIME: 9:00-4:00
LOCATION: Chocolate Lake Hotel 20 St.
Margaret’s Bay Road, Halifax NS
REGISTER AT: http://cesns.ca/store/

Thanks to all who attended the session! The slides are available here: CES Complexity Workshop