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CES-NS 2024 Spring Journal Club: Tuesday April 23 12:05-1:55pm AT (session time extended to accommodate student learning)

Join us for a special April Session in Partnership with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management

Dalhousie’s Master of Public Administration (Management) Program students who are in the final days of completing their course in Program Evaluation will join this session.

Students will contribute to the discussion, ask questions, and importantly deepen their learning by engaging with members of our CES-NS community of learning and practice!

Session Description:

In this session, we will discuss Lahey’s (2023) article “John Mayne and the Origins of Evaluation in the Public Sector in Canada: A Shaping of both Evaluation and the Evaluator”

You can find the article from the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation at

Moderator: Nancy Carter, Credentialed Evaluator, CES member and Instructor

Zoom Registration:

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Please read the article in advance and be prepared to share your insights. Some guiding questions have been jointly developed by the Author and Moderator:

  1. Why did the introduction of evaluation in the late 70s/early 80s at the federal level succeed, when systematic evaluation at the provincial level has not been able to gain as much traction?
  2. Drawing from Mayne’s work in early years and across his career, what do you see as critical elements needed to institutionalize systematic evaluation in a sustainable way?
  3. P. 342 describes a ‘perfect storm’ for establishing a new model of evaluation. Considering the current public sector context are there similarities that might signal the need for renewal or change to the evaluation function?
  4. How do the quotes on p. 345 relate to the current context for public sector evaluation practice?

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