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Professional Development Opportunity: Empower! Visuals and Evaluation for Social Change

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Social programs and social change initiatives operate within complex environments. When evaluating these initiatives traditional approaches are not always appropriate. For example, linear models can downplay assumptions and create the illusion that the work being done is simple. Graphics and visuals can be used as both a tool set and a process to help evaluators and stakeholders explore context, clarify focus, discuss findings, and understand their meaning.

Sometimes our imaginations are sparked by a visual where words fail us. When communities plan and imagine their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects, when groups create maps to track their progress – these are all opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue.


1)   Explore the purpose, power, and impact of visual tools
2)   Explore five key principles for evaluating social change initiatives
3)   Use participatory, empowering, and visual processes to develop shared understanding of:
What you are trying to do
What you think is going to happen; and
What change might look like.
4)   Practice simple icons for complex evaluation concepts to visually share ideas, findings and outcomes
5)   Increase confidence to apply new visual tools and processes in your work and life

Who should participate?

Evaluators, facilitators, project managers, team leaders and members, planners, teachers and anyone who would like to engage others beyond words.

Please note: You do NOT need drawing experience. At some level, we can all draw and use visuals to enhance our communications and engage diverse audiences. Experience doing or participating in evaluation or understanding of evaluation practices IS expected.
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